2019 Grant Application

Application Deadline: February 28, 2019

  • The Foundation will make Allocation decisions once per year. Allocation Applications are due to the Foundation contact by February 28 of each budget year.

  • The Foundation will make decisions based upon information it can research or direct experience of the applicant, the information on the application, and any letters sent in support of an application.

  •  Please fill out this application as completely as possible. If you need an additional page or two to explain your application, please do so but try to be concise. A brochure, plan, or program may be attached.

  • Allocation decisions of the Foundation are final.

  • Funding decisions will be made by approximately March 1 and distributed thereafter.

  • Anyone receiving an allocation agrees that the Foundation may publicize the allocation in print or web media.

  • Foundation reserves the right to review performance of the funded program of an Applicant within a year of the funds being distributed to the Applicant.

  • Foundation may request additional information to assist the allocation decision.


Mailing Address

The Athletic Club Foundation

PO Box 90013

Indianapolis, IN 46290

Email: IndyStPats@gmail.com

Phone: 317-498-5299